We’re a home-grown brand with a passion for giving back, which is why we’re serious about making our product synonymous with environmental sustainability. Our brand is here for the long haul, and we want future generations to experience the delight of natural, homemade lemonade. But, while we want as many thirsty lemonade enthusiasts as possible to enjoy our drinks, we recognise the consequence of our spent materials finding their way to landfill sites. That’s why we’re emphasising sustainability with our environmental promise – to collect and recycle our plastic.

To ensure we deliver our environmental promise, environmental sustainability follows our zesty besties wherever they go. We plan to make recycling easy for our lemontrepreneurs and consumers alike. We will supply bins at schools and events for the disposal of our plastic (and any other plastic that hopefully finds its way in there). Then, we’ll collect the waste regularly, and haul it
to various recycling companies, who specialise in three recycling streams.


Bottles to benches

Turn your waste into a bench, which we will donate to schools, sports grounds, or wherever people need to chill and drink a Lemonlicious.


Bottles to Bags

Transform plastic waste into reusable bags, perfect for shopping, carrying sports stuff, your beach towel, or whatever else you need to throw into a bag.


Bottles to bricks

Now you can utilise waste to build houses, thanks to a new technology which turns waste plastic into a material that blends with bricks to make them stronger.

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