We love craft, we love authentic, we love real, we love fresh, we love pure, we love honest, we love making homemade lemonade, and we love our lemontrepeneurs to bits!

Lemon dreams are made of these

We have all heard the cliche ‘when life gives you lemons’. Well, life didn’t give us lemons, we bought them, along with a list of choice
ingredients and started perfecting the art of brewing (our soon to be world-famous) real lemonade.

It all started around the year 2011 when we began bottling our drinks from home and selling them to our mates. Over the next few months, as we began receiving repeat orders (and no one fell ill or died – win), we realised, holy cow, we may have found our lemony calling. So, kick on a few years, and many hours of blending, brewing, drinking and selling, we feel that if there was a world homemade lemonade league, we would cruise into regionals, win provincials, smash nationals and finally, take on the world. Mwahahaha.

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