Drink real lemonade

If you’re looking for refreshing drinks, you’ve come to the right place. Lemonlicious is all about keeping it real, with a real honest approach to life and lemon juice. We make our drinks using traditional ingredients – it’s all-natural, baby. You see, we’ve got a goal in mind. We’re bringing back the old-school lemonade stand in all its glory, quenching thirst, taking names and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs, like it’s nobody’s business.

Money for lemonade

Our passion is helping people become entrepreneurs through selling our refreshing drinks. We’ve revolutionised the traditional lemonade stand and provide the entrepreneurially-inclined with the opportunity to be their own boss and make squ-easy money. School events, sports events, anywhere there’s a thirsty crowd hankering for a steady supply of refreshing drinks to see them through, that’s where we (or in this case, you) will be, turning frowns upside down with lemony delight.

What our customers have to say

“Absolutely love ❤️ I go to the morning markets and literally search for your stand !!!! #1 thirst quencher. Hoping for more delicious flavours ?”

- Karen Amor

“Fresh, thirst quenching & tastes homemade. Would definitely buy Lemonlicious again!!”

- Lorraine Teixeira

“Refreshing, not too sweet, not too sour. Just perfect! Cranberry flavour was awesome as well.”

- Terri Marcussen Baxter

“Absolutely delicious and refreshing”

- Kershen-kubashnee Bisram

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